Artan | 'Old Me'

Delivering another instalment of distinct vocals and dynamic beats, North London talent Artan releases 'Old Me', a combination of emotive lyrics and vivid visuals. "Old me is a reflection of how I feel when i’m really feeling myself.”

Taking us on a journey into Artan's mind, his latest single and accompanying video, offers a fresh injection of personality and influence, a prominent pattern across each track produced by the rapidly rising artist.

Renowned for his open and honest approach to his music, each release offers a distinctive and expressive insight into the artists personal mindset, tackling issues of anxiety and loss head on, the artists music addresses and attempts to destigmatise male stereotypes and mental health, shedding a more informative light on the topics through his own unique artistic expression.

A growing name in the underground music scene, the track follows his previous release of 'Falling', which has amassed over half a million views and his most recent single 'Uncomfortable", championed by Mista Jam.

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