Arlo | AW19 Vancouver Fashion Week

Charlotte Terry, a Law Student Turned Fashion Design Student at Ultimo, presents the brand Arlo and its stunning debut collection at this seasons Vancouver Fashion Week for the Autumn Winter 2019 season.

The capsule collection entitled 'Chrysalis' takes visual cues from the concept of ​​metamorphosis, transition and growth. Cuts are inspired from the shapes formed by an unfurling butterfly, these references are subtle however, offering a simple suggestion through these silhouettes. The collection incorporates a multitude of textures, materials and a colour palette consisting of autumnal hues and jewel tones.

In essence, Chrysalis is a story of moments, a woman emerging from her own chrysalis, representing a fierce femininity, that is reflected in the her own personal style. Chrysalis aims to create a transformative sense of self confidence through the collection, Arlo profiles as a label that emphasizes the message that women have a powerful, dynamic and integral role in society and that their clothing needs to communicate that.

Striving away simplicity, Arlo presents the most unconcise collection to date, fusing a range of fabrics, colours, textures and cuts to present the primary concept, offering a brand that ultimately shows an ability to grow and work upon its unique design technique.

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