Archy Moor | "The Long Road"

Nigerian born, Dublin raised rapper Archy Moor releases his first single of 2020, “The Long Road”, featuring burgeoning North London artist Osquello. The single is a soundscape of the modern meeting the classic with both Archy and Osquello’s bars intertwining between the jazz-infused backdrop.

The single follows in footsteps of previous releases “Moonboy”, “Soft Pink”, “Flutterfly” and “Worldwide Drugs” which saw Archy Moor in his signature nonchalance, effortlessly breeze onto the scene and gain high appraise from i-D, Lyrical Lemonade, Dummy and Spotify. Produced by fast-rising producer GAPTOOF, known for his work with Kojaque, Kofi Stone, Finn Foxell and Lord Apex.

19-year-old Archy Moor, has been using music as his outlet for these vast cultural influences for several years. Initially turning to story-writing and poetry as a source of creativity, “making my own world with my words was where I always found comfort and peace”, it was then at 16 that Archy transitioned into music and with ease began making his nonchalant brand of rap. Now he currently studies multimedia at Dublin City University, Archy is using his time around lectures to master his craft. Drawing influences across a number of genres spanning hip-hop, indie, R&B and alternative music, "I think my influence comes more so from people over anything, having different experiences with different people impact my music most", one person, in particular, is his mum who from an early age fed him a diet of Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Janet Jackson. The final product sounding somewhere in between Mick Jenkins and Tyler, the creator, with the flow of Earl Sweatshirt and the honesty of Frank Ocean.

With the Dublin music scene ever-growing and thriving, Archy has comfortably embedded himself within its musical community and is where his music continues to grow, as well as outside of it. Most notably growing from his bedroom, where he creates his music, “a bedroom set up is a beautiful thing it just feels homely”, this young rapper aims to continue his creation of what he dubs an “Archy Moor experience” for his listeners.

Speaking his latest track, Archy explains; "The track touches on the trudge and hardships before reaching something beautiful, and acknowledging the journey it takes to see it. It's not always the easiest trying not to be consumed by the negativity your facing, but somehow it does get better, we just need more peace and more love."

Osquello adds; "The fact we are in some messed up world situation, but the same personal small issues / beautiful things are what fuel me and get me going still. But it’s a long way till I can even come to terms with them issues / beautiful situations"

“The Long Road” is the first single in the lead up to Archy Moor’s debut EP, “Moorlands”, set for release later this year.

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