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Winning over versatility in the underground music scene with massively multi-faced beats is Archie Stephen, sprouting niche underground sounds in Nottingham he's an artist creating multilayered music. Carrying mainly a hip hop afro-beat rap sound Archie is bringing adaptable experimental tracks to the underground scene when creatively demonstrating his personality, with over 20k streams overall he's an upcoming musical genius.

Bubbly, fun-filled 19-year-old musician Archie has built his music to explore deeper into his personality, looking past the shy side of himself "Id say I'm a creative and friendly guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I used to be really shy, music has helped me express myself in ways I previously thought I couldn't, I'm always grateful for that." With aims to tells stories through his tracks, he emotively connects with the lyrics he creates, seeing similarities to popular rappers like Loyle Carner, Jaden Smith, and Just Jack.

Standing up for a duet with his best mate at school Archie was gifted with musical talents, not realising it then, he created poetry "I never really took to singing but I started to write poetry about whatever I could think of, this eventually lead me to start rap instead, and it felt more genuine."

Adapting his music to be very multi-faced and versatile Archie is always mixing up the style that he creates, delving into all genres and sides of the underground music scene. "My style of music is unique as an upcoming artist as I explore multiple genres, I dabble in drawing sounds from jazz, afro-beat and even grime to construct songs. I always find a less conventional approach; musically it always has a more rewarding outcome, and it helps me progress as an artist to find and nurture my 'sound'." Bringing out two singles in 2018 called "Elements" and "Imagine ft. Matilda" Archie then lead on to release an album called "Outlines Of The Inside" featuring a range of 8 tracks all including different musical qualities.

Shakka and Nick Brewer are forever influencing Archie through his musical development he says "listening to Nick's lyricism and smooth flow have inspired me to tell stories through music, to allow words to paint pictures. Shakka is a genius, he loves what he does, his soul is in it." Demonstrating his huge involvement in music and underground sounds Archie was able to meet and work closely with Shakka "they are massive musical idols for me, and getting to know them and being able to create with them will always impact my music and has been so exciting."

Deep love and passion for the Nottingham area and music produced there Archie comments "My favorite part about being an up and coming artist in Nottingham is the people, there are so many talented and creative minds in my city and its amazing to be surrounded by that. Another huge plus is playing at venues and clubs that I've been visiting since I was young, watching other bands and acts perform." With all promises and hopes of playing at Rock City, Nottingham Archie is determined to be an authentic artist of the area.

Single "Good Call" produced by MAXWELL demonstrates the love Archie holds when rapping over instrumental music " I knew i was going on a family holiday to Barcelona very soon at the time, so I wrote the bars and planned to shoot the video on holiday. It made for a very cool location to shoot a rap video, and i often directed smooth and twisted angles from the camera to further add to this exciting track."

In December 2018, Archie performed his first headlined gig at Rough Trade, Nottingham "a crowd of almost 200 people at my local Rough Trade venue. I was blown away by the support of not only my family and friends but people who liked my music and wanted to see it live, it just came together so well and its a night ill never forget." Also saying "I don't perform as often so live performances are always special." Archie is open to perform more and demonstrate his creativity to a wider range of audiences.

The next steps for Archie include reaching out to for contrasting artists to create more unique collections of music that he feels proud of "my next single is in the works and I hope to release that around the end of July, which will feature my friend and amazingly talented singer, Matilda." Don't miss out on the versatile energy that Archie brings alongside other amazingly creative artists. Check out Archies Spotify and Apple Music for all the newest releases.

Photography by Cherry Top Media & Luther Bottrill

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