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APUJAN SS20 | Strange Thief Of Time

The London Based womenswear Label APUJAN showcased their SS20 collection from 8 Northumberland Avenue with Fashion Scout. The designs have an influence from fantasy stories and literature. Their pieces have also appeared on the red carpet with actresses choosing APUJAN as their favourite designer brand.

Since Apu Jan was a youngster, he has been an enthusiastic book worm. His concepts originated from his influence of books he read and provides a reading list for his guests for a better comprehension. In his SS20 collection, inspiration came from stories about time. It consists of three books: Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett, A Thief of Time by Tony Hillerman and The Thief of Time by John Boyne. In defiance of all these authors having identical book titles, they explore completely different topics and concepts. This sustained growth for the featuring outfits in his spring/summer collection.

Apu Jan's idea and attraction is wanting the audience to have an in-depth spiral of his imagination. His mind has a consortium of science fiction, space fantasy and vintage surroundings. Symbolising a stream of time in his collection we seen deadwood, dinosaur fossils, clocks, stars and flowers blooming and dying. Further completing the narrative, his choices of packaging and tags have an impression of chapters and volumes. The dresses even feature pages of books which has a seamless integration of a fairytale.

The collection contained 33 outfits on the runway, even though there were over 100 individual items. It featured from a range of evening gowns, head wear, scarves, knitwear and ready to wear, and the scarves being 100% cashmere. In previous collections, his exclusivities of his own original designs feature newly developed fabrics. Using a wide range of techniques such as digital embroidery, semi 3-D jacquard looms and exquisite knitted jacquard, working also with pure cotton, pure silk and chiffon.

The themes of the designs feature oriental detailing and western outlines. Qipao buckles, oriental collars and sleeve styles were discovered on different garments such as coats, gowns, dresses and shirts, and not to mention jovially celebratory headwear. For his finishing touch to the collection he included 3-D print glasses and focused on bringing a little bit of last seasons sporting theme to the mix.

This season APUJAN is collaborating with NIKE, who actually provided footwear for the spring/summer show featuring his selective narration. Over the years they have worked with many aspiring companies and industries globally, who design packages and labels for their products. Coming into the 'Spring' of things several of his products portray as "Easter eggs" for the audience to find during the show. Either discovered in the complimentary gift packs or in elements of the decorations.

For this season's show live music stole the show at the end with a genre of electric funk, jazz and soul. This was directed by DJ Question Mark (Chi-Shuan Ying), co-producer Douglas Pisterman and vocals from the lovely Denver Cuss. They created an audio story for the catwalk collection by identifying the concepts of loneliness, waiting, London and light speed travel. Spotted celebrity influencers such as Danny Williams and Eniafè Momodu who were at the show and afterparty, this proves how big the collection had on the public eye.

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