Agne Kuzmickatie | AW20

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present” - Francis Bacon.

The inspiration for Agne Kuzmuckatie's AW20 collection is to shine brightly. In a world of anger, frustration and negative news Kuzmuckatie wants us to celebrate vibrancy and life! This is a collection of creative escape; that allows people to find solace and their own voice within fashion.

This collection is a whirlwind of playful patterns, bold silhouettes and contrasting textures. Not to mention, colour! A luscious, sweet palette of rainbows.

Kuzmickatie has always been known, as a designer, for her conceptual ideas, in a time when we feel our opinions and voice melting into the negative static, Kuzmickatie has shown us how important it is to express ourselves and celebrate what is still unique and exciting. And of course 'fun' has a big part to play in that - having fun creatively and in our every day lives.

Two iconic looks take second-hand sportswear to create feminine dresses and thigh-high boots, the effect is a vibrant garment made up of many logos, which reminds me of the artistic styles of comic books - perhaps even of Wonder Woman herself. These dresses are definitely a female power stance in the collection.

Other themes include hooded jumpers of rainbow dyed feathers paired with floor-length, pastel skirts. This collection doesn't just have one statement piece, the whole collection itself is a statement. And all these looks are punctuated with sports shoes, lace-up ankle boots and thigh-high boots - a bold style choice for a collection featuring mainly floor-length skirts and dresses.

All this colour and texture is defined by the striking contrast of the Agne Kuzmickatie signature butterfly. Developed into a monochromatic print the butterfly takes centre stage to embody what this collection is all about. Printed from head to toe on skin-tight bodysuits it almost acts as a 'second skin'.

As we all know, a caterpillar goes into a cocoon for a period of time and reflection, only to emerge as it's true form - liberated and celebrated. This collection is about bursting forth and celebrating your true identity; to be loud, confident and free.

All across the world, the symbol of the butterfly is one of endurance and hope, it has always been the symbol of Kuzmickatie's brand, however, it's extremely fitting for the message of this AW20 collection. And without distraction in colour nor texture these black and white, contrast pieces make the message clear and simple.

Agne Kuzmickaite has created a collection that has true a partnership between fashion and the 'wearer'; fashion can be used to truly express and celebrate ourselves. However, fashion can also remind us to look within to find the confidence and passion that we need every day.

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