Agnė Kuzmickaitė | SS21

Agnė Kuzmickaitė; the bold, bright and vibrant designer who creates dramatic garments which are inspired by the various themes of everyday life – common objects and popular cultural signs are artistically integrated into every piece she creates.

For SS21 Agnė focused on her love of unconventional fashion, referencing back to her childhood; the 90s. Growing up in Lithuania where there use to be "no fashion shops, no fashion magazines or advertisements - like the ones in big foreign cities." it was all just beginning. So, Agnė themed her collection around her own experiences watching films and TV, where she could experience the wonderfulness of fashion. She says "it was very interesting to watch all the manifestations of the fashion world on TV, observe photos in magazines. The clothes brought from abroad looked completely different - they were so different from the usual clothes worn in our country."

Agnė would sit and wait for the TV advertisements, "some manifestations of fashion and the Western way of life could be seen in the TV advertisements... I sat in front of the TV and waited until there was a commercial break in the boring series to show commercials for chocolate, coffee or washing powder and to be able to see how people dressed." She describes how she was attracted to the array of colours, how bright and eyecatching they were, a fascination that would go on to form the signature style of Agnė Kuzmickaitė.

Agnė Kuzmickaitė sits alongside the fashion greats, the Lithuanian designer is exceptional for her functional conceptuality, her creativity holds a complete out-of-the-box style. This was displayed from a young age as she says "When dad was travelling abroad, and I wanted new coloured sneakers, I wrapped my foot around cardboard with a pencil so he could have it with him so he could measure the right size." These "sneakers" are now gold value and have been worn for many seasons of Agnė Kuzmickaitė's reign.

This SS21 collection demonstrated Agnė's aesthetic perfectly as she incorporated bold prints of neon greens and pinks. Her designs presented a racer-girl nature from red and sleek silhouette corsets to knee-length, chunky heeled boots to match. Agnė also displayed exaggerated and uncontemporary fabric uses; crafting a dramatised skirt from neon yellow wiring, creating a crinoline-like layer placed on top of the more skin-tight pieces.

Each season Agnė presents a new and exciting collection for the “daily life princess” – women who play lots of different roles in the society and are searching for the best way to combine all their duties with their wishes.

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