Agne Kuzmickaite | SS19

In an immaculate display of colour and contrast Agne Kuzmickaite presented her SS19 collection ‘Self realization’ at this year’s London Fashion Week. Exhibiting a perfect display of feminine fashion with an edge, the Lithuanian designer using symbolism and motifs throughout her collection focused on aspects of female life in a changing society, following her contemporary style, seen in previous seasons.

Using the changing shape of Agnes signature mark of butterflies, Kuzmickaite uses the changing shape of butterflies in her clothes as a symbol of a changing society, altering their size and shape to work with a variety of collars, buttons and boots designed for the ‘self realization’ collection. Combined with a arrangement of neon, bold letters and strong lines against a back drop of a multiple butterflies, the designer, inspired by human self realization contributing to personal fulfilment, has reimagined older designs from her previous collections.

In an adaptation from her SS17 collection Agne once again showcased a floor length skirt, made up entirely of layers of mesh. The designer reimagined the piece creating a twist on her previous floor length garment, swapping out the multicolour pastel arrangement for a softer mix of pinks and peaches, adding further detail to the skirt with a cut front allowing for the wearers legs to be revealed.

This year’s presentation showed the floor length skirt paired with a striped body suit made up of multiple shades of pink, featuring a signature black butterfly on the front which also was displayed throughout the presentation. The look was finalised with a simplistic white, clip belt, a style that featured on other outfits across the collection.

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