Aggy D | A Rap Artist on the Rise

Last week Modèle interviewed Aggy D, a rap artist based in London. Beginning to explore music at the age of 8, Aggy transitioned from the influence of iconic artists including blur and the arctic monkeys to the infamous world of the UK rap scene, guiding him towards to the signature sound he portrays today.

"I started writing songs...when I got kicked out" Moving away from his now current home of Enfield, Aggy made the move to Croydon for a short time. This was the beginning of his music career, taking advantage of the long train journeys between home and school, Aggy would take this time to reflect, working on his music. "It left me space to write at least a cool song every single day, for a while, I was doing that, and I was doing poetry as well".

In early 2018, Aggy released a number of singles, focusing more heavily on his music and technique. Developing and building upon this, his soon to be released music will take a fresh angle on the original Aggy D sound, ready to take his music in a new direction. "Ive got a new EP ready, fresh songs no one has ever heard before".

Delivering no one message through his music, his songs simply reflect his character, the clear authenticity of the artist bearing his soul, echoes through his lyrics, delivering a sincere, honest, and emotional projection that exudes through every word, written and rapped. "I kind of just write what’s on my mind".

Performing at 'The Pit' open mic night and at the Roundhouse, Aggy has performed alongside Saint P from YGG, introducing himself and his music, a unique sound impossible to ignore and easy to get lost in. Alongside him, DJ Policy that made the beat for Aggy D's latest and unreleased song, fused his own talents, making the combination for the track an incredible one "DJ Policy made the beat as well, shout out to him".

We are left wondering what is next for Aggy D? His latest single “Blues” is almost ready to be released a track that explores new elements of Aggy D's sound. Hoping to collaborate with live musicians, he states that he wants to be well prepared, perform and build a reputation.

"Ive only recently began to understand the music industry more, you can't just drop songs, you need to sort them out and make sure people are going to notice them, especially in London...Its like dropping a tadpole into the ocean".

As we wait for his new releases, you can find Aggy D on his, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.  His new single "Blues" is out on the 24th April via his Youtube Channel.

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