Aaron Anderson | Male sensitivity & genre mixing

Experimenting with a huge range of sounds, pitches and tones is 21-year-old Aaron Anderson from Hoxton, London, not only does he have passion in genre mixing, but also for male sensitivity and stereotypical masculine categorisation seen in his latest EP. "My music is very eclectic it's like a combination of my inspirations, so I’m very into rap and soul so I kind of fuse them all together to make my sound." Constructing from a broad range of music, flowing from genre to genre Aaron is generating personalised melodies, connected to his life and relationships.

Gathering musical qualities from all over the spectrum he finds his music can be compared to a couple of genres “It's going to sound really cheesy but I find my music similar to Khalid, he can dip his toe into different genres and like always make it work as he has such an adaptable voice and i'd like to think I have to too”. Mixing his music up by finding inspirations from his day to day life, Aaron has produced tracks from the simplest things in society. " take my main inspirations from anything! I could hear a word or a conversation and it will turn into a song, I actually had this one song called ‘Addicted’ and I wrote it after I got a massage”. Blessed with music in the family too, Aaron has forever been influenced by multi-genre sounds “My auntie is a singer so she would always try and teach my harmonies I was always terrible haha, but she has really pushed me and she keeps pushing me. She drives down the road to my house with my songs playing on full volume”.

Flipping between his two different persona's Aaron struggles to pick between performing and producing "I really enjoy both performing and creating music, usually I'm quiet but when I'm on stage, I am another person and I really like that juxtaposition. I'm usually a very calm person but when I'm performing its like energy and life. With production, it's just nice to get your idea from your head and be able to hear it in the studio”. Talented with music and creating a chilled out groovy theme he comments "With me, producing is trial and error, to be honest, it's breaking down the elements in your head and putting it down into Logic Pro. Say if I have a piano melody I'd need to break that down. The first time I fail but I always get there in the end.” Being committed and invested in the underground music scene is Aaron's forte "Me and two other friends put on this show at Hoxton Hall in November 2018 and we managed to get 120 people in just between the three of us, the crowd were insane when I performed and half the songs I don’t remember singer because how lit it was, I was in another world."

Excited about his latest EP release 'Introduction' Aaron makes sure to say its a highlight in his musical path "I would say releasing my latest EP on June 17th was a pinnacle in my music career, I’ve dropped songs and videos but to drop a project based on me showing people my sound has been amazing.” Including five tracks based on love, relationships and male sensitivity Aaron demonstrates the unhealthy demand for masculinity in society. "The tracks represent my journey through love and relationships, I want guys especially to know that we can talk about stuff like that too, like heartbreak. I have this song called ‘When I Call’ and its basically about people who your cool and chilling with and then one minute they don’t pick up your calls but you can see that they are doing shit, I feel like guys can be embarrassed to talk about stuff like that, so I want them to feel free and open.”

Positive responses and great feedback are waiting in line for Aaron as his music starts booming in the streets on London “since I released my EP I’ve been getting my DMs about collaborations, people saying they like my music and they wanna see what’s coming next”. More movements in the underground scene are on the way, Aaron is planning many more collaborations and performances for his fans “Satchit from Croydon is an RNB singer, I listen to his songs on repeat and I really want to collaborate with him, he’s really cool because he blends his culture into his music but that inspires me so much”.

“Our generation is coming up, we need to band together, its the best way for everyone to win” Aaron plans to release his bonus tracks for his latest EP within the upcoming months “I have some new tracks coming that are part of the latest EP so bonus tracks called ‘Addicted’ and ‘Hennessy’ also there’s a headline show coming up that I'm organising which is going to be really exciting." Keep an eye on Aaron and his upcoming music and performances here.

“Sensitivity isn’t a bad thing, I don't see when society makes guys feel like that, I was pressured to feel like that growing up but I didn’t give in as it was so unhealthy” - Aaron Anderson

Photogallery by Izzy Clark

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