• Eloise Kirton

A.S.U.N.D.R | "Demons"

Last week, London based artist collective A.S.U.N.D.R released their latest single “Demons” which is a fusion of their individual sounds and diverse vocals blended with RnB backbeats to create this exclusive, quirky piece. “Demons” is the debut release from the trio and has been released in the run-up to IAMSUUBI’s upcoming EP “WHO I AM” which is set for release at the end of the summer. IAMSUUBI makes up one-third of the collective and has been recently featured In Modèle for his single “Callin U Lately”.

A.S.U.N.D.R is comprised of rising artists Ella Eliza, Casj Lee and IAMSUUBI who all crossed paths in 2018 while studying music at University and started producing together at the beginning of this year. All three artists have established their musical styles through their various influences such as Soul, Hip Hop, Pop and Electronic music and these influences can undoubtedly be heard right through the single as their different styles merge. As the trio amalgamate, they provide a platform for themselves as artists in which they can assist each other as they create solo projects, collaborations and help promote their own collective work.

As independent artists they have achieved remarkable success with music being played on BBC radio stations, earning over 200k views on YouTube and receiving production credit from SBTV, so we eagerly anticipate the next release from this trio and look forward to the release of IAMSUUBI’s upcoming EP “WHO I AM” at the end of the month.

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