A Marc Jacobs Oasis | 'Daisy Love Eau So Sweet' Pop Up

Floral Street, what a beautifully apt name for the location of Marc Jacobs Fragrance's Pop Up to launch their new fragrance 'Daisy Love Eau So Sweet.' A small space in Convent Garden, for this weekend, is transformed into an Oasis. Well, a Marc Jacobs oasis - complete with giant daisies growing out of the sand, a candy floss station, hammocks and the organisers moving around on roller-skates.

The doors open to this beach babe-candy land. Literally. After walking along beach boarding over the sand, with various daisy covered furniture the doors to a pink beach house are opened, and then a second pair of doors open in the back wall... into the pop up. Like Narnia on the beach front.

The pop up is a delight. The idea of having the space concealed behind the beach hut means when you're in you are completely immersed - no sight of the London Streets just the other side.

After the first Daisy fragrance emerged from Marc Jacobs' in 2007 the world has fallen in love with the soft floral scent. And now there is 'Daisy Love Eau So Sweet' and to quote the description from the Marc Jacobs website it's "perfectly sweet. Unexpectedly fresh. Daisy Love Eau So Sweet Marc Jacobs captures the sweetness of living in the moment." With that familiar heart note of daisy florals, but top notes of raspberries this fragrance is 'Daisy Love' but with an unexpected sweetness.

It's photo taking time! In this pop up there are many opportunities to pose and pout, even with a stick of pink candy floss in your hand - and you can't get sweeter than that. With mini golf to play, hammocks to swing in, and a sensory experience of the new scent this is a picture perfect event for the summer weekend.

But that's not all - when buying the fragrance at this pop up you can have your initials engraved on the bottle, making it your own personal perfume. This event is free, but if you register online at Eventbrite and show your ticket at the door you are gifted a free sample of the 'Daisy Love Eau So Sweet' perfume.

This pop up really brings the new scent to life and is on from Friday 26th - Sunday 28th at 4pm. And Saturday evening until 7pm. So, whether you're excited about the new fragrance or just want to get some more creative photos for your Instagram this is a pink oasis heaven worth being a part of.

Images - Caroline Louise Hamar.

Written by Caroline Louise Hamar.

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