A E O | ‘Chills’

Break ups are rough, following the initial heartbreak the next few weeks include navigating through an endless list of depressive tracks, slow melodic beats and painful vocals, perfect to send you plummeting further into the pit of post breakup sadness.

If you’re looking for a new approach, let us introduce AEO, the south London based Alternative Soul artist. Redefining the traditional breakup track with his latest single ‘Chills’, a revamp of the traditional emotive Soul sound, the song, alongside its newly released video, invites us into a narrative of warmth and positivity, with an injection of, ‘it is what it is’, attitude.

A E O Chills feature article

Embodying the essence of the track, the ‘Chills’ video offers a visual journey of the lyrics, with AEO front and centre as the protagonist, a subtle yet inviting insight into the artists own personal love experiences.

Through a collection of carefully curated scenes, the overall aesthetic of the video, offers a warm, positive atmosphere, with scenes highlighting romance and friendship. We leave with a new mindset; when love doesn’t work out quite how you wanted it to, prevail, reflect, then its onwards and upwards.

Sharing his personal take on the the video, AEO illustrates the nature of the song perfectly; “Chills is about a love story gone wrong, an anthem for the recovery & healing stage, it is for when you end up doing better than they thought you would.”

A E O Chills feature article

‘Chills’ is the latest edition to AEO’s succession of previous releases including ‘Vibes’, ‘Your Love’ and ‘Rounds’, a selection of singles that have gained significant traction across AEO’s platforms; leading to support from radio stations West Side and Reprezent, sharing bills with Kylie Minogue and Emelie Sandé, and performing live at Wembley.

So, the next time you’re facing a heartbreak, channel your inner AEO, put ‘Chills’ on repeat and face it head on.

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