10 Top Designers from the LCF Graduate Show

Hosted at Here East Stratford, a plethora of fresh fashion talent spilled onto the runway forming the London College of Fashion Graduate show. Officially introducing the fashion names of the future, each designer presented their collections introducing them to the industry and providing an insight into the designers signature techniques.

Presented through seven different themed sections designs slotted into the notions of systems, player, spaced, sculpture, evolve and shade, each designer providing a different take on the concept.

Sifting through the array of talent we bring to you our selection of the top 10 designers from the 2019 London College of Fashion, Graduate catwalk.

Camila Fukumothi

Bringing sharp tailoring and boxy geometric shapes, the collection introduced a contrast between streamlined and complexity, playing with sharply tailored shirts and fitted tops alongside progressive silhouettes, incorporating unexpected contrasts and techniques to form the intricate eye-catching collection.

Savvas Alexander

Combining draping and fluidity, subtle chain detailing was introduced across the collection combining this feature with a neutral colour palette of white, black and silver. Building upon minimalism and simplicity the collection introduces a futuristic element incorporating clean lines alongside flowing silhouettes.

Yujin Seo

In keeping with current trends the collection fused metallic fabrics with oversized bags, paired alongside delicate layering, feminine silhouettes, ruffles, sharp necklines and a sleek colour palette of black and white. vibrant green is injected into the collection alongside statement sunglasses highlighting the metallic accessories, uniting contemporary trends with sophistication.

Jeanne Mehta

Introducing typical womenswear features and silhouettes into menswear, the collection introduced a new aesthetic to mens fashion, pushing the boundaries of typical menswear expectations. Reimagining features of past fashion, bringing them back into contemporary fashion, the collection showcased a forward thinking mindset of the designer with an iconic padded trench coat.

Huixin Tian Rae

With a heavy injection of leather fused alongside a futuristic punk element, the collection introduced full face covers and chain detailing. Creating a stand out collection with an edge, the dominating line also enforced this concept with "BOW" motifs featuring across the pieces throughout the collection.

Molly Lockley

With a gentle yet powerfully feminine collection, a delicate colour palette of pastels and nudes featured alongside injections of vibrant pinks and gold metallic hardware in the form of buttons, buckles, zips and linings.

Bonbom Jo

Acting as a key feature of the collection, chunky chains detail alongside strong, over accentuated broad shoulder tailoring. Contrasting against the powerful silhouettes, gentle feather detailing introduces a softer side to the collection. The dark colour palette of black and deep greys juxtapose against more delicate shades of pastel blue and white, a collection contrasting a dark side against a light one.


Combining a bold colour palette with vibrant graphics, patterns and colours are contrasted in unexpected ways, an, producing an contrasting yet cohesive aesthetic. Elements present the unpredictability of the designer with exquisite eyewear accessories featuring plastic colourful chain and pearl detailing.

Patrycja Pagas

Leather and elegance, drawing a strong feminine aesthetic into the collection bold silhouettes with leather showcase a strong aspect of the collection, introducing an edge to the line. Carried into dresses this power is combined with elegance presented in a more subtle form through layering and cut outs, a collection perfectly representing all sides of women, both strong to delicate.

Dys Thomson Li

Rebelling against the stereotypes of menswear fashion, the collection showcases a couture esthetic with authoritative silhouettes, sharp tailoring and powerful prints, provide a complex collection bridging the gap between men and womenswear. colours contrast against neutral tones of black highlighting the intricate prints further and drawing attention to them as an integral part of each design.

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